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About Handy

Handy is an innovative baby bottle holder,
which has revolutionized baby feeding

Bottle feeding usually keeps both of your hands busy.
One hand holds your baby while the other keeps the bottle in the right position.
While in this state, can you perform other activities?
Can you clean your baby’s face? Can you stroke his hair?
Can you pick up your phone or read a book or an email?
Why must bottle feeding, in opposed to breast feeding, be so limiting?

Well, now it doesn’t have to be!
With Handy you can bottle feed your baby using one hand.
Just connect Handy to the bottle and grab the handle while holding your baby.
With Handy your baby will enjoy an undisturbed meal and you can enjoy the freedom to perform countless activities with your free hand.
Let Handy give you a hand!

Why use Handy?

“Extremely useful product that is both simple and safe”

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Bottles tested with Handy

Tommee Tippee
Dr Browns
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